Middleton's Mortuary Transport LLC

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Henry grew up in a small town called St. Stephen, S.C.; where there was only one traffic light and the closest city was 20 miles away. As a child, Henry experienced the passing of his grandfather and realized his passion for the process of the funeral services. From that experience, Henry began to dream about being in the funeral service industry. 

Henry would often try to seek employment at local funeral homes and was unsuccessful due to his young age. In the year of 2000 when he turned 14 years of age, he received his first job at Scott's Mortuary as a funeral attendant and removal personnel. Every day after school, Henry

would go straight to the funeral home, at a time when most kids his age would be playing ball, video games or just hanging out with friends; Henry would rather be at the funeral home learning the ins and outs of the funeral business.  

It was there at Scott's Mortuary where Henry would develop the skills needed to be successful in the funeral industry. Henry learned a lot about the funeral business, and understood the importance of paying close attention to details. He also understood that compassion, care and professional services that each individual families needs. He knew that serving a family with the highest standard of care was the #1 goal and mission of the funeral home. He also understood that having a positive and lasting impression on a family during the time of a loss, is the most important impression throughout the whole funeral process.

In the year of 2009, Henry ventured off from Scott's Mortuary and started a new journey with Henryhand Funeral Home where he was employed as a funeral attendant. In 2010, Henry moved to Atlanta, GA to attended Gupton-Jones Mortuary School.

Two great bible verses Henry lives by in his day-to-day living.

"Where there is no vision the people perish." and "As much is given, much is required."